4 Types of Concrete Driveways: What’s the Best Option?

The amount of concrete you need for a 10×10 slab depends on how thick it will be. So, for a 4-inch slab you’ll need 1.24 cubic yards , but a 6-inch slab requires 1.85 yards . If your slab is a different size or thickness, use our calculator to determine the amount of concrete. When ordering concrete from a ready mix supplier, one cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet. So, if your project measures 10 ft long, 10 ft wide, and 4 in thick, you’ll need slightly more than 1 cubic yard of concrete to complete the job.

It does no good to repair the surface damage if the problem continues brewing underneath. So, aim to address the underlying issues first and then focus on restoring your driveway surface to avoid wasting money on repairs. Angi’s guide to the cost of installing a concrete driveway helps you accurately estimate the total price of your project and plan your budget.

What is the cost of maintenance for a concrete driveway?*

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How much does an exposed aggregate driveway cost?*

These de-icing materials are also used by local governments for winter road maintenance. Exposure to freezing temperatures, extreme weather elements, and road salts reduces the driveway’s lifespan.Pressure washing a drivewayevery few years helps it last longer. When expanding a driveway, the new concrete’s color may not match the existing driveway due to fading and weathering. Enter the length and width of your driveway area in feet in the calculator below to estimate thecost to install a new driveway. Few driveway paving materials can match concrete when it comes to sustainability and conserving the environment. Once you come up with a list of contractors, be sure to ask for references and get a list of projects in your area that you can check out.

All other tools used, including shovels, picks, trowels, and concrete smoothers can be found at local home centers. The concrete takes 7 days to set, so no driving on the driveway for a week. Broom the concrete in the direction you want your driveway to drain if there is a slope. Make sure you separate the contraction joints by the same distance to keep the driveway looking uniform.

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Concrete pricesare$2 to $3 per square footfor materials for a standard 4″ thick driveway. A 5″ thickness supports heavier vehicles like RVs but increases material costs by20%. Removing an old driveway costs$1 to $3 per square foot, including demolition and hauling away the debris. Removal costs depend on the size, conditions, disposal fees, and if the concrete is reinforced with rebar or wire mesh.

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