A Complete Look at How to Assemble a Wedding Invitation Suite

In my calmest possible tone, I asked why she needed to get her envelopes open (with sweaty palms and a nervous inner monologue). She had chosen the most gorgeous, ultra traditional wedding invitations, and I had hand-calligraphed her envelopes. I started to panic alongside her, wondering what had happened, and if she didn’t know how to assemble wedding invitations. You can save more than half on DIY wedding invitations vs. online options. You can find out how much wedding invitations cost according to where you buy them.

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When you’re finished, you can print and cut out your labels. To help you get this part in the wedding preparation out of the way, here is a guide on how to formally address wedding invitations. Find out how to mail wedding invitations, and get wedding etiquette tips for mailing your wedding invitations to your dearest friends and family. If you sell semi-custom wedding invitations, posting prices is a must.

Wedding stationery prices by paper type

Also, your friends and family will definitely provide some incorrect addresses. Everyone’s human, and there are a lot of details involved. There’s always a few that don’t make it to their final destination, so make sure you order about 10 extra invitations. Read more about Wedding Invitations Australia here. Printing a couple extra is always a lot more expensive after the fact than just adding on some extra invitations up front. We had no issues with these envelopes, but as vellum is a little more brittle than other papers, it could potentially crack or break in the mail. If you’re more worried about mailing issues, I’d avoid the vellum envelopes, but we can always use vellum for your wedding invites in other ways inside the envelope!.

At some sources, they’re priced at 15 cents per 8.5” by 11” sheet as opposed to cotton’s 60 cents per sheet. Proper etiquette states you should send a thank-you note within 2 weeks of receipt of a gift before the wedding. Any gifts should be acknowledged within a month of your wedding. RSVP deadlineYou’ll need a final headcount for your venue around 1 week prior to the event. To stay on the safe side, make your RSVP deadline 3 weeks before your wedding.

Opt for more casual language if you’re planning a non-religious service or more casual wedding ceremony. The most common size we use is called A7 – the card is 5×7″ and the envelope is 5.25×7.25″. These would fit the requirements of a standard letter, but of course there are other factors that play into the postage cost like weight and thickness. Vintage postage will come at a premium though, because there is a limited number of vintage stamps that haven’t been used! It’s especially difficult to find 100 of the same stamp, so people charge extra for this service.

You simply need to state the full name of the venue and the city and state. If the address is needed, it should be stated fully on a separate information card with or without a map. If you choose not to have a separate info card the address should not include the venue zip code. If a couple uses the same last name, it is okay to address them with their titles and his name.

How to Invite Guests to a Last-Minute Wedding

Generally speaking, it’s smart to set aside 4%-6% of your wedding budget for wedding stationery. That includes Save the Dates, the Invitation suite, and Postage. Factor in another 1-3% for Day-of Pieces that could include programs, signage, menus, escort cards, favor tags and similar items. I’m going to walk you through different ways to add guests’ names to the invitations, depending on how you want to handle titles and couples.

Many stationers may have a minimum order quantity, too. While 10 extras may seem unnecessary, they come in handy for several reasons. Keep in mind that guests who are over the age of 18 receive their own invitation. The spouse with the higher ranking title is always listed first on an envelope. Traditionally, a man’s first and last name are never separated. Always list couples in the order of highest “ranking” if either of them are doctors, judges, military, etc.

Here are some templates you can use for your online wedding invitations. We’ll give you some sample subject lines and what to include in the message itself.

Options for Online Wedding Invitations

If you are writing your own invitations from scratch, follow these requirements line-by-line as you fill out this piece of your wedding stationery. Each section of this guide outlines what information should appear, and in what order, on a traditional wedding invite. Your wedding invitations are an important piece of the planning puzzle.

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