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Depending on your plan for your van’s electrics, you may want to pre-run some electrical wires before putting up the walls and ceiling. Wood can also split, and may squeak if pieces rub together as you drive.

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We’ve driven 14,000-foot passes in Colorado, leaf peeped in New England, road tripped the Canadian Rockies, and more. But there’s another option, for people who aren’t interested in selling their van, and still want to capitalize on their new asset. Now, van owners can rent their vans to others who are looking to get a taste of the #vanlife!

The whole point is to create a lifestyle that works for you while giving you more freedom. Ship it to friends’ and family’s houses that you know you will be visiting. I usually google “receiving packages or package holding in xx” with the city I’ll be in and usually a few options pop up. Then I call for details on how the package should be addressed and what it will cost for them to hold the package. We have a lot more tips and ideas for getting mail on the road in our Establishing Residency & Getting Mail as a Full-Time Van Lifer post.

If you love your house and don’t want to sell it, consider renting it out. It will help cover your bills (and maybe even bring in some extra money). Plus when you are done with van life, it will make your transition back to your home base pretty painless. Before jumping into van life full-time, it’s important to consider a few of the highlights and challenges that come with living in a van.

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A Sprinter van build can become expensive quickly, but if it’s your full-time home-on-wheels, it can be worth the price tag if you can afford it. There are also many ways to reduce costs by changing up your Sprinter van layout or building a Sprinter van yourself. It’s easy to adopt an overly orthodox approach to DIY and do everything from scratch.


When it comes to heating and natural light in your van, now is the time to get your diesel-powered heater / furnace connected, any extra windows put in and your roof vent (or vents) installed. If you do run wires behind the walls and ceiling, note where they are so you can plan for future access and also don’t accidentally drill into them when it comes to installing your bed and cabinets. This also means that you can choose the materials to fit your style and budget – and these don’t need to be specifically designed for RVs, vans or campers (which tend to be more expensive). Prior to Ian’s trip to Minneapolis, they fixed a few different issues with the vehicle. In the meantime, they held the vehicle to give Ian a chance to come and see it. Since 2006, eCapital has been on a mission to change the way small to medium sized businesses access the funding they need to reach their goals.

Even in a van, where you can easily come and go, being mindful of your footprint will make a huge difference in preserving these places for years to come. But that’s not to say that there aren’t important considerations and precautions you need to take when living in a van with a pet. It’s essential to think about how to keep them cool if you leave them in the van alone, whether they’re welcome at campgrounds or parks, what extra cleaning you’ll need to do, among other things. If you don’t have health insurance via your employer, you’ll want to shop for health insurance on The key is choosing a policy that has good nationwide coverage so you don’t get stuck with a huge out-of-network doctor bill when you’re traveling. If you’re sold on a Sprinter Van, check out this blog post where I share a list of forums and websites where you search for your perfect Sprinter to buy.

Plan your Sprinter van camper conversion style

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How to Start A Sprinter Van Business: Your Checklist

I knew the Mercedes Sprinter I chose, a 4×4 high roof van, would be the most expensive in the line-up. The premier builder in the southeast for all things adventure is FreedomVanGo. During my first build, forums were about the only place to turn to for ideas, information, and real-world insights from fellow DIYers. But more often than not, hours of scrolling left me with more questions than answers—all I wanted was for someone credible to tell me what to do. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page.

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