Get More Customers with WiFi Marketing

Mobile coupons receive a 10x higher open rate than print coupons. Leverage mobile and SMS coupons to target your customers when it matters the most. If they do not perform as well as expected, you can easily adjust your tactics and messaging and watch the results in real time. You’ll be able to measure results and optimize your campaigns over time accurately. Then, you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions to optimize your messaging and strategies over time.

•Reward your most loyal customers with specially-targeted coupons. These are just a couple ways WiFi Marketing can improve your Return on Investment (ROI). Atlantis Press – now part of Springer Nature – is a professional publisher of scientific, technical & medical (STM) proceedings, journals and books.

WiFi Marketing

They can be driven away by constant marketing, so it’s best to space it out over time. If you’ve got them to download your app and use your services, the last thing you should be doing is overloading them with spam as a result. When you’re conducting a marketing campaign of any sort, it’s important to have an idea of who it is your marketing to. You can find out how to set up your own WiFi marketing campaign with the help of digital marketing experts. We’re here to give you a taste of how it works and what you can do with it. •Busy shoppers can multitask while in your store and even receive information on special sales while they are in your business.

Turn your WiFi network into an automated contact collection tool

So, either you’ll have to purchase it from them or they’re free to sell it on to third parties. Another pitfall which works hand-in-hand with the previous point is that a lack of brand awareness through a poor choice of WiFi provider means it’s also a challenge to upsell your other products or services. Instead, it could be the WiFi provider’s brand and products that are displayed when people are connected, so they’ll receive all of the benefits of boosted brand awareness instead.

Send engaging and personalised marketing messages

WiFi marketing makes tracking, reporting and implementing much more effective- great news for your marketing budgets. Providing customers with free access to internet is a must nowadays. If a restaurant, shop or hotel doesn’t offer free internet access, it will start losing customers to another venue that does.

This is what makes guest WiFi is beneficial for consumers and merchants. Every day that goes by, you’re missing out on data that can take your marketing to the next level. Beambox unlocks this potential by understanding the guests who love your business. Some retailers even use the splash page to help fund the costs of their WiFi marketing. Consider selling ad space on your splash page by partnering with nearby restaurants to offer dining discounts, or asking the neighborhood pub if they want to promote their drink specials. Our firm has numerous software partners to help you better connect with your customers.

Instead of signing into the restaurant WiFi with a password, guests sign-in with their email, phone number, Facebook profile, or Twitter handle. The available sign-in methods depend on what kind of contact information you want to collect. At that point you can begin marketing to them with automated (and manual) marketing and advertising campaigns. A WiFi customer experience platform knows when a customer is at your physical location. Gaining access to customer spending habits and history will allow you to create more ROI-focused campaigns. For example, if a customer never spends more than $10 or $15, you may want to send them different automated messages than other customers who consistently spend $50 or more.

These new contacts can then be added to send lists for upcoming newsletters and marketing offers, letting you stay in touch long after the customer leaves your store. For administrators who collect social media data, users can also view demographic data such as age and device usage to get a more robust idea of who your average customers are. We’ll install the necessary equipment to create your WiFi network and create your captive portal. Read more about wifi email collection setup here. You’ll then have access to an insights dashboard where you can see, in real time, who is using your business, how often, and why. Revolutionize customer engagement with Beonic’s Guest WiFi, Analytics and Multi-Channel Marketing platform. Our AI-driven platform processes valuable demographic, sentiment and behavioral data to help you understand and respond to your customers’ preferences.

However, More visitors don’t guarantee the increase sales of tenants in Mall. Promotions are needed to help tenants in reaching out mall visitors through wifi-marketing. The purpose of this research is to explore the design needs of Wifi-marketing as cutting edge technology to maximize promotional strategy for Mall business. This is qualitative research in which data is collected through observation and in-depth interview with 8 informants (3 tenants and 5 visitors of shopping mall). The findings showed positive technological readiness towards wifi-marketing which can be interpreted from their optimism, innovativeness, discomfort and insecurity.

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