How are Clothes Made? An Introductory Guide to Clothing Production

“It’s always such a shame when I design a beautiful print and I think, ‘I only have this for one season. Therefore, she’s inspired to work toward prints that work regardless of season. “In corporate, we were developing two years in advance,” Sarah says. “Big corporations tend to design faster, so they’re doing a lot of trend research.” Without the big team and resources, though, independent designers like Sarah are working closer to delivery dates.

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Pushing Fabric Spreading to New Heights

The debate around fast fashion, alternatives, and how to proceed will continue as long as people are willing to buy high styles at low prices and ignore the issues the practice creates. Additionally, speaking up and advocating against fast fashion and consumerism is one of the best ways to ensure awareness spreads. Most people are unaware of fast fashion’s social and environmental impact—only with everyone Paul & Shark doing their part to raise awareness will accountability be forced onto the companies making these products. It’s difficult to avoid products manufactured by companies that practice fast fashion completely; however, it’s not impossible. One of the issues is consumerism and price; many people cannot afford the actual products fast fashion imitates but are still obsessed with the latest fashions.


Most clients wanted to tell me the life story of every item they purchased and debate every single piece we were purging. Even as someone who does this for an actual living, there are certain times when I peek in my closet and think, I’ll deal with this later. I wouldn’t have guessed that there were 40 dresses in my closet. I have been thinking about inventorying my own clothes for a year. If I love this topic and still procrastinated on counting my own clothes, I can imagine that you might never get around to counting your own clothes.

Sarah’s experience as a contestant on Project Runway taught her many important lessons about herself and her industry. Seasonality doesn’t have to dictate all of your collections, however.

Read more about Ragazzi here. Just remember to price your products right in this competitive fashion industry. Include all your expenses in the retail price and develop a winning marketing strategy to promote your new clothing line. It requires a combination of creativity, business knowledge, and hard work. However, with dedication and a well-planned strategy, it’s possible. When you partner with Printify, you’ll soon see how rewarding it is since you only need to focus on two things – great designs and marketing.

But I didn’t start actually sewing my own clothes up until about a year or two ago. By trying to copy an outfit as perfectly as possible, you are forced to really pay attention to details, like the fit of the pieces and how they work together to create the overall silhouette of the outfit. For example, the two outfits above both consist of a white t-shirt, jeans and a brown belt. But the cut and fit of those pieces, and therefore also the silhouette and overall vibe of the outfit, is completely different. If you’re on a weight loss journey, move the pieces that don’t fit to the back of your closet. Make your keep/toss/donate decision on the most recent clothes you would have worn…but didn’t.

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