How Does a Chimney Work? Learn About Each Part of a Chimey!

A chimney starter offers an easy way to light charcoal for barbecuing. It consists of an open-ended metal cylinder with a charcoal grate mounted inside, toward the bottom. The desired amount of charcoal is placed into the top of the cylinder and a small fire is started under the grate at the bottom of the cylinder. The “chimney effect” causes the charcoal to light from the bottom all the way up to the top. Now close the charcoal grill, put the lid on and wait for another 10 minutes or so. This allows the heat to build up properly, as if the coals were cooking inside the grill this whole time. When they are ready, adjust the grill as you normally would and start cooking!

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There’s something about a fireplace that adds ambiance to any room. Chimneys and fireplaces are popular heating elements, though some homeowners prefer a smaller and more economical wood stove.

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In this article, we’ll discuss which types of fireplaces, stoves, and other factors can contribute to high chimney sweep costs. Creosote, an oily substance that builds up in the interior of a chimney, is the major culprit forcing a chimney clean. “A glaze, brought on by burning wet wood, will require a chemical cleaning.” Burning dry wood usually causes a fine powder of creosote, which isn’t very combustible. Cleaning your chimney has many benefits, chief among them reducing the chances of damaging and expensive home or chimney fires. Richie Baxley, owner of Environmental Chimney Service in Western North Carolina, says chimney maintenance is easier (and more beneficial) than you might think. Consider planning your chimney maintenance in advance of the fall and winter seasons to ensure that you can enjoy a crackling indoor fire all winter long.

The chimney exterior may also need to be cleaned before the waterproofing material is applied. Telling whether a damper is open or closed will be easier as you become familiar with your chimney. You should be able to tell right away if there isn’t enough airflow once you get used to the chimney and what a draft coming from the flue usually feels like. Don’t forget to close the damper to preserve your home’s conditioned (heated or cooled) air when you’re not using the fireplace.


Installing a commercial, stainless steel chimney cap over the top of the chimney is the best way to keep raccoons out of your chimney. The first function is a catalytic effect that when introduced into a flame actually accelerates combustion chemistry. When Co-Mate is initially activated, fuel combustion becomes temporarily faster and more complete. This means that Co-Mate can actually increase the amount of radiant energy emitted from the fire itself without adding additional fuel.

If you don’t see an immediate and apparent threat, you might shrug off your smoke alarm. Instead, it could be a sign of low smoke levels entering your home caused by a downdraft.

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However, you probably only use it a handful of times throughout the year and might not think it needs too much attention. More often than not, the problem of low heating in your home is because of a faulty or run-down chimney. Failing to maintain your chimney can result in serious consequences. Simply put, nothing gets coals burning faster and more evenly than a Rapidfire Chimney Starter. As for myself, there hasn’t been a single day when I’ve missed using lighter fluid. You can use either newspaper or lighter cubes to get the coals going. I prefer to use two at a time to get the coals burning even faster.

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