How to make your songs sound professional?

Monitors are nice because you get a more accurate bass response than headphones can provide. There are dozens of DAWs out there, many of which are free to download! The reason we mention these three is because they are the most widely adopted by electronic musicians, so helpful resources like YouTube videos, forum threads, and courses are plentiful. For a choice as important as your DAW, we recommend you head over to our best DAWs guide and read our more in-depth reviews. In terms of desktop vs. laptop, it’s honestly up to you and your needs. If you don’t foresee producing anywhere other than your home, a desktop computer will do just fine, and you might be able to get a more powerful desktop computer as opposed to a laptop for the same money.

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A DAW (or ‘Digital Audio Workstation’) is a fancy way of saying recording software. Before purchasing a DAW it is worth having a think about the type of music you want to produce and record. You should also have a monitor control to increase or reduce your speaker level. An audio interface essentially acts as a medium between your computer and instrument or microphone. Plug your lead in and the interface will translate what you play or sing into a digital signal and send it to your software. The first thing you will need is something to record onto, i.e. a computer or laptop. It’s common to see producers using Apple products but you can use either Mac or PC to run your software.

How do you create your audio production style and portfolio?

For example, sound effects editors and sound designers usually prioritize plugins for creative processing such as distortion, harmonizers, and doppler effects. You just need some basic equipment – you can just use a smartphone if that’s all you have. With the right knowledge, a little guidance (both of which you can learn online), and a lot of practice, you can become a home producer.

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If you enjoy making music and running a business, starting a music production company might be your calling. Starting a music production company is worth it if you can afford the initial upfront investment and if there is a demand for it in your local area.

Instead of learning how to secure recording artists and promote their music from a book, why not see how it’s done in real life alongside an industry professional?. Your mentor is an industry insider, working in the music business today, not somebody who may be more interested in earning tenure. Technically, you do not need the experience to start a music production company. However, for the best results, you should at least hire an experienced sound engineer. Read more about Vocal Presets here. You will also need various pieces of equipment before you can start recording. Finally, you need to build a website, establish a brand, and start marketing your music production company. Most projects are large enough that there won’t be just one person taking on all these roles.

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