The Ultimate Guide to Roadside Assistance

No, owning a tow truck is not technically mandatory to become a contracted roadside assistance provider. However, having your own equipment, such as a tow truck or a flatbed at your disposal whenever you need to use it, can increase your service offerings and income potential.

You (usually) pay a monthly fee to know someone will be able to help when you need it. Other providers don’t have a membership but charge you to come out when you need assistance. However, many choose a membership for the convenience of using one phone number nationwide and working with a company that will reach out to its network of agents for you.

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How to Get Roadside Assistance Coverage in the Philippines

If you’re really worried about having access to roadside assistance, you might even want to do both. You may have additional expenses beyond this base price for certain services. For example, your plan might cover fuel delivery but require you to pay for the gas. Some policies also limit the number of manual labor hours or how many miles a car can be towed before you’re charged an extra fee.

As roadside assistance contractors gain more experience and build a reputation for quality service, there is potential for growth within the towing service industry. Notably, this could mean growing enough to start your own roadside service business. Speaking of high demand, the services of roadside assistance contractors are always in need.

And we constantly review our criteria to ensure we’re putting accuracy first. If we send a contractor, they will in most cases be able to mobilise your vehicle; in the unlikely event they can’t, we can arrange for your car to be towed. Katie uses her knowledge and expertise as a licensed property and casualty agent in Massachusetts to help readers understand the complexities of insurance shopping. We had the opportunity to talk with him a couple of times before he finally pulled the trigger. What he needed help with was how to find customers, and keep them calling. In a short time, after implementing what we teach, his company’s annual sales rose to more than 1-Million-Dollars. But what was even better was, his profits had increased substantially.

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Certain carriers don’t have a specific tow service or roadside company they have partnered with. Instead what some will do is reimburse your expenses for the service. Belonging to some membership organizations can also unlock roadside assistance benefits. For example, if you belong to a college alumni association or a professional organization, you may be able to obtain membership in AAA or a similar service at a discount. While enacted statutes such as The Move Over Law help protect people who work on the side of the road, this practice can often still be hazardous.

How To Become A Roadside Assistance Contractor: Pros And Cons

There are many factors in determining how long it takes for a roadside assistance service provider to arrive at a reported breakdown – weather, traffic, road conditions, time of day, etc. However, if the provider does not have enough vehicles to service a particular area or region of the country, it will not be able to help drivers in a reasonable amount of time. If you have car insurance, and you get into an accident that leaves your car undrivable, then towing is covered by your policy. Keep in mind that coverages and benefits (like towing) provided by car insurance companies vary, so be sure to read your policy. Add-on plans cover your insured vehicle alone, while stand-alone plans usually cover you whether you’re driving your car or riding in someone else’s. For example, State Farm covers one hour of mechanical labor for things like jump-starts and battery replacement — you’ll pay for any time over an hour. Similarly, a Better World Club membership covers up to four service calls each year.

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