What is Employee Scheduling Software? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

The tool will automatically distribute shifts among employees based on their availability, previous shifts, qualifications. Employees should receive immediate notifications about a new shift and be able to decline it with an explanation. The second most important feature is a personal employee page with personal and content information, job titles, background information, skills, and availability.

Absence management helps you plan for periods when multiple employees are on vacation besides tracking vacation requests. With all leave data stored in one place, you can plan shift coverage better. Work scheduling software automates schedule creation while removing guesswork and confusion. It offers insights into real-time employee availability sans overlaps or conflicts. Read more about Employee Scheduling Software here. Employee scheduling software simplifies computing staff work hours and payroll data while providing insights into current and future expenses. You can optimize labor coverage by tracking historical data to determine labor requirements per shift.

Time savings
Using spreadsheets to create employee schedules requires creating a new schedule for every pay period. You can choose from pre-configured templates or quickly create a custom schedule you can use again and again. Instead of spending time building and populating schedules manually, you can rely on the software to help you ensure you have proper employee coverage for every shift. Using cloud-based employee scheduling software also aligns employee hours with payroll data. Employee pay is more accurate, which saves HR managers valuable time fixing payroll errors.

Employee Scheduling Software how

Employees can pick up or swap open shifts on their own without needing your approval for every change. Good scheduling software provides an overview of how many hours each employee is scheduled to work. You can also set rules to automatically distribute shifts evenly between part-time staff.

Point of Sale systems

As employees tire and lose concentration, their engagement and productivity also decrease. Working longer hours can adversely affect employees’ physical and mental well-being, contributing to work stress, anxiety, depression, and occupational injury. A clear idea of the scheduled workweek will help your staff plan their lives and enjoy a better work-life balance.

Getting started with the perfect work schedule in 3 steps

If you have more than one employee, you need employee scheduling software for sm… If you’re using Word, Excel, Google Docs, or Google Sheets to create your schedule, Drive is a quick and easy way to make the schedule available to a large number of your employees with just a few clicks. For another thing, these calendar apps weren’t created with overlapping shifts, rotating shifts, night shifts, and other complicated scheduling practices in mind. Remember, they were intended for one person who could only be in one place at a time. Here are some of the variables your employee scheduling software should allow for. This article will start by discussing the pros and cons of both pen-and-paper scheduling and software scheduling. Then we’ll go over exactly what qualities you should be looking for in a free employee scheduling software.

Furthermore, the software serves as a communication tool that bypass mistakes, often, made when manually entering information into spreadsheets. Employee schedules that aren’t accurate, or adjustable (e.g. allowing staff to swap shifts), or constantly changing frustrating staff who eventually quit and seek employment elsewhere. As I was testing, the only real downside that stuck out to me was the reporting tool. While Planday does let you export customized reports to Excel, there are no fancy dashboards or in-app views of your employee scheduling data. Deputy’s real strength, however, is that it offers several features that can help you make smarter staffing decisions.

However, its feature set, ease of use, free version and economical paid plans make it a contender for any small business model. 7shifts has earned many fans due to its free plan that supports up to 30 staff and includes drag-and-drop shift scheduling and the mobile app. One standout feature that can benefit all businesses post-COVID-19 is the employee health check. Available on free and paid plans, health check requires answers to health questions during clock-in and records responses for compliance needs. When I Work offers affordable and solid solutions for planning work shifts, tracking staff attendance, monitoring labor costs, and messaging employees. It lets you separately purchase its simple-to-use scheduling product, which comes with team messaging functionalities.

Give your team the power to manage their work and performance with a unified platform. Enjoy peace of mind and complete visibility into what’s happening on the ground. Keep track of who’s on leave and which employees are available, all in one user-friendly interface. Your team gets the latest schedule and StaffAny automatically updates the staff schedule and highlights conflicts.

Additionally, you can assign tasks with just a few clicks get updates on the progress, and send reminders to your team members. Task-related channels provide ease of communication and collaboration on projects. With the right flexible and scalable solution in place, you’ll be equipped to efficiently handle scheduling challenges of any size.

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