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One teaspoon of chlorine bleach per quart of water will do the trick. This extra step will help kill any lingering pathogens. Keep all surfaces cleaned and sanitized after you cook. Never cut fruits or vegetables on the same cutting board you use to slice raw meat. Part restaurant, part entertainment center, and part family room, it’s ground zero for the most troublesome spots in the home. Practically every surface is a magnet for bacteria, viruses, germs, insects, and other pests. It’s easy to look at dirty carpets and want to give them a vacuum right away.

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For step-by-step directions, try one of my free weekly cleaning checklists. If your rug is machine washable and small enough to fit in your washing machine, you can run it through one cycle and lay it flat to dry. If your floor is fully carpeted or your rug is too large, use a rug shampoo, warm water and a sponge or soft-bristled brush to clean the surface.

House need a deep clean? Experts share the best products to get the job done

Read on to learn the best way to deep clean a new apartment or house so that you can move in with confidence and enjoy your healthy, fresh smelling home. Even if you’ve got a brand-new home, you’re going to want to deep clean before living there. Use our schedule if you’re short on time, but still want to enjoy the results of a thorough deep clean. We’ve rounded up those summer chores you might have forgotten about in one easy checklist, plus tips to make the work easier. The less clutter you’re surrounded with, the more comfortable you’ll be in your own home. Clutter doesn’t #sparkjoy, but it does trigger avoidance. Ya know what’s more objectively fun than organizing your stuff?

But how often do you vacuum beneath your couch cushions or under large furniture? These spaces do not accumulate dirt like the open floor. So hitting them once or twice a year can go a long way to keeping them clean. Next, wipe down floorboards with your water-vinegar mixture. Did you know that, on average, Americans spend six hours every week cleaning their homes? And did you know that one-third of them report that they feel that is not enough?

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But if your beddings are replaced weekly, and your room is vacuumed now and then, you can lessen the time to as quick as minutes. Instead, please put them in storage or donate them to charity shops. If your oven has a self-cleaning component, run it first. This is a good chance to clean all appliances that have been sitting out and have been exposed to food splatter or dust.

If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, make sure the house is clean when you start. Read more about cleaners here. And at the end of the holiday season, take the extra time to dust and wipe down all your ornaments and decor as you put them away.

Katie Berry’s cleaning advice has been featured by major publications including, HGTV Magazine, and RealSimple. She is a former Cleaning Editorial Review Board member at The Spruce. Since 2011, Katie has helped millions of people by sharing her practical and effective cleaning methods on her blog and in her home cleaning books. The list of annual tasks is short and straightforward but shouldn’t be skipped – especially the chimney inspection if you have a fireplace!

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