How To Create Content Pillars For Social Media + A Free Template

And just like when writing books or news articles, you can use an outline to guide exactly what story you want to tell. Use what you know about search intent to put the answers to customer questions at the beginning of each piece. This helps you deliver on any promises you make with your headline, summaries, or visuals. Look at your goals and the phase of the buyer journey you’re targeting. It’s important here, even before you do research, to decide the tone and direction of the piece. You likely understand your brand voice, but that may come across differently depending on the buyer stage and format.

Content Creation intitle:how

Include focus keywords within so the piece has the chance to rank for the right topic. If you need help coming up with the winning headline, tools like SumoMe’s DIY Headline Formulas generator may help. You can get prime keywords from your CopyPress content analysis report.

And with more social media platforms investing in creator tools and features, the content creation space is just getting started. In summary, ChatGPT can assist in creating visually appealing videos by providing captions and descriptions, script suggestions, title and headlines and text for subtitles. This can help to make your videos more engaging and memorable, which can lead to increased engagement and brand awareness.

Creating sub-topics

One way to find great freelancers quickly is to return to your Buzzsumo search results, and see who’s written the top content. There’s no harm in approaching them to see if they’re willing to contribute to your content team. You can also find freelancers who produce great content through networks like Contently, NDash, ClearVoice and similar.

What Do I Do Once I’ve Written My Content?

Customer-generated videos capturing a restaurant’s ambiance may be the most trustworthy marketing content available today. You know what you’re looking for, so it’s time to decide who you’re going to work with. If you have more than one person you want to say yes to, see if you can identify a few other project ideas you’ve been sitting on. Just because you don’t work with someone on this specific project doesn’t mean the door won’t be open again in the future. On Upwork, after you create an account, take a few minutes to search for people you could see yourself working with. Use the search bar to look up keywords like ‘freelance video editor’, ‘TikTok video editor‘ , ‘freelance graphic designer’, and anything else that relates to your project.

Read more about How to become a UGC creator here. But they’re not just about sharing knowledge; they’re creating online communities where like-minded souls connect, discuss, and grow together. If you have interesting people to interview or conversations to host, consider podcasting as another content format to experiment with. Infographics can organize and visualize data in a more compelling way than words alone. The goal is to show how your product helped real-life companies succeed.

The words people use in queries tell you what kind of information they’re trying to find. The search intent category can also tell you common keywords people may use in their queries. Conducting this kind of research helps find more specific topics, sometimes called long-tail keywords. A content creator is, by definition, anyone who creates digital content. The creator economy is booming, and in 2022, many are either making the shift to (or considering) becoming a full-time content creator. The short answer is any and everything you plan to write about. In order to discuss the tip of the iceberg, you need to understand everything that is happening underneath the surface.

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