How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards

Read more about Free Tarot Readings here. She has been reading tarot for over 21 years (13 years professionally). She writes a weekly blog on tarot at her website and has been featured in Maxim Magazine and BuzzFeed. That the cards will change and show growth when we haven’t “done the work” yet?. Yes, having a tarot reading might be a great first step toward realizing what needs to change, but a reading won’t cause the shift to happen on its own.

The technical term for tarot reading is taromancy (divination through the use of tarot cards), which is a subsection of cartomancy (divination through cards in general). Notice any themes, words, phrases, or symbols in the cards. Ask yourself if any images, words, sounds, or feelings came to mind as you read the cards. Was there one card that you had a particularly pointed reaction to?

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Whatever the theme may be (most revolve around the notions of gaining clarity around work, love, or spiritual purpose), the amount of cards pulled determines the depth of insight to be provided. Shuffling cards during a Tarot reading is unique to each reader, so you shouldn’t feel like there’s a set way to shuffle.

You’ll become more familiar with each card’s symbolism with time and repetition. The origins of tarot are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but most scholars agree that the cards were likely created in northern Italy during the 15th century. Meditate on the tarot card for a little while and see if you can get any more messages trying to come through.

You can focus more deeply on every card.

If you’re ready to branch out from single-card pulls and try more in-depth, multi-card spreads, here are a few to start with. The more you practice interpreting tarot cards, the more confident you will become in your abilities. Reading for yourself, your friends or even in a study group, can help you gain more experience and understanding of the cards. Be honest about what the cards are showing, but always with kindness and sensitivity. Remember that tarot cards are a tool for guidance and self-reflection, not a way to predict the future or tell people what to do. These readings are designed to explore a specific theme or aspect of your life in depth.

Types of Tarot Readings

Another method you can use to define time in the tarot is to pose a question such as, “when will I meet my soulmate? ” and then look at the card as a lesson you need to master to bring this in. For instance, pulling the Eight of Cups could indicate that you will meet them when you let go of disappointments from past relationships and release your expectations. The Minor Arcana are similar to a deck of regular playing cards.

And you don’t have to create a physical class, you can save costs by arranging an online class. Applications such as zoom and other videoconferencing applications can be very effective in this event. You can also add some written materials for your students to read.

The Tarot Spread

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced reader, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and skills to read the tarot with confidence and accuracy. So sit back, relax, and get ready to unlock the secrets of the tarot.

In my experience, some readings, even future readings, are better off without timing included. They also often add little to the productivity of a reading, save for some exceptions. Regardless, in many situations, it’s harmless to throw in a bit of timing, so I may do it if one is coming up naturally, but I prefer not to force anything. This situational spread is a go-to reading when you want advice on navigating an obstacle or problem. Read more about free angel card reading here. The success spread highlights the true colors of the challenge you face and points you in the right direction to positively impact your future. Tarot card readings have enjoyed popularity since the 15th century, and many online psychics offer Tarot card readings from the comfort of your home. Tarot cards were first developed in the 14th century as a form of the game (like joker or solitaire).

You can even use this article as the basis for constructing your own tarot spreads in the future! The same rules generally apply towards creating positions for your tarot card spreads. Finally, we’ll also give you a list of questions by topic that we find helpful for initiating readings.

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