Virtual Tours For Real Estate: A How-To Guide

On the downside, the method lacks immersiveness, potentially misrepresents spatial dimensions, and limits the viewer’s ability to review details without pausing or rewinding the footage. Prep for a virtual tour involves decluttering, cleaning, and staging to ensure clients can picture themselves living there. A good first step to prepare for the interior of a virtual tour is to remove all clutter and clean. While cleaning may seem obvious, you must be extremely thorough. The first set on a virtual tour is often the home’s exterior.

Gregory is a real estate sales agent and a state-certified instructor of real estate licensing and law. Originally from New York City, he’s called Grand Rapids, Michigan home since 1995. Virtual staging technology can also be used for digital repairs, decluttering, and making last-minute decorating updates. Makes sure you offer your buyers more than one design option for each room. Natural sunlight can result in great photos without having to invest in expensive lights. If a room does not have windows or access to natural light, you may need to include some lighting to ensure the room is well lit.

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Open Houses Go Virtual: Inside the Latest Digital Twist For Selling Homes

Lighting makes all the difference when creating the most successful and aesthetically pleasing virtual tour. Read more about 3D Virtual Property Tour here. Before capturing the panorama, turn all the lights on in the home.

How much to charge for 3D tours?

Using dedicated business banking and credit accounts is essential for personal asset protection. There are specific state taxes that might apply to your business. Learn more about state sales tax and franchise taxes in our state sales tax guides. Before recording tour footage, be sure to stage the unit effectively. Apartment staging is one of the most effective ways to lease a unit faster.

Typically, clients visit multiple properties before deciding on the one they want. This requires a lot of time and things get complicated if a property is far from where a client lives. In this case, visiting a property is not only time-consuming but can be expensive. When shooting your walkthrough video, focus on capturing the key features of the property. This might include the exterior, the entryway, the main living areas, and any standout features such as a fireplace or a spacious backyard.

They can easily click on the maps tab to view Google Maps information and can see exactly where the property is located within its neighborhood and city. In measurement mode, buyers can easily measure distances between two points and can get a full understanding of the space that’s available in any particular property.

Virtual reality helps you save a lot of money by using the power of 360-degree videos and computer graphics. Today, making a guided video tour around a property requires just a panoramic camera and basic rendering. Marketing a property that isn’t constructed yet has always been a challenge for real estate developers and agents.

No matter what kind of virtual tour you decide upon, it saves you time and energy. You don’t have to prep snacks or other physical materials, like pamphlets, floorplans, or flyers. You’ll also be able to get away with fewer walkthroughs because you’ll no longer be limited by the size of your audience. Pre-recorded open houses allow you to film content beforehand and host the event from anywhere—home or office.

Virtual tours can save time and money for both buyers and sellers, as they eliminate the need for buyers to travel to view properties and for sellers to schedule and host in-person viewings. Editing doesn’t get much simpler than when you use this editing software, made specifically for Androids. All you have to do is upload your image and you can edit and trim clips directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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